Lucy is a medical alert and response dog for her owner, Emily Daniels, who has asthma. Lucy helps Emily with her mobility issues, which enables her to move safely in crowded places. In a recent incident, Lucy was sprayed with an unknown chemical by a stranger while she accompanied Emily to Kenwood Towne Centre, Cincinnati.


Source: FOX19


Lucy immediately freaked out in pain after the attack. She was shivering, and her eyes, ears and nose were heavily irritated. Her face was slowly swelling up too. Emily immediately took her to Central Care in Sharonville, where the vet put her in ICU. Lucy’s eyes were later flushed out, which gave her some relief.


Lucy is on the road to recovery now, but is terribly traumatized after the incident. Emily believes that she saw the man who hurt Lucy. She thought he was trying to pet Lucy, but he took out a black box from his pocket and sprayed at Lucy. It could be pepper spray, but the vets couldn’t say conclusively as the chemicals were flushed out.



The cops in Ohio are still trying to track the man down. When caught, he will be charged with 2nd degree misdemeanor for attacking a service dog. Emily wants him to pay for Lucy’s vet bill too. Get the word out and help the cops find Lucy’s attacker.

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